How much do you charge? 

My websites fall broadly into two categories; Concise and Full. You can see example of both on my Portfolio page. A Concise site typically consists of one main scrolling page in different sections, with perhaps a separate FAQ page like this one! These sites are £450 plus hosting fees. 

A full site will consist of multiple pages, with extensive text, comprehensive galleries of images, audio and video. It is hard to give an exact price for a full site without knowing the full scope of the project, but a typical full site is £650 plus hosting fees. The scope of the project can be discussed when we first speak. 

What are hosting fees? 

All website building platforms charge a fee to host the content of your website. Typically this is around £120 per year. I use the platform WiX, and as a WiX partner I have access to discounts which I will always pass onto you, meaning for example your first year fee will reduce by 50%. 

Do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the bit beginning with www and all websites need one! If you have one already, I can connect it to your new WiX website; if you don't I will purchase one on your behalf direct from WiX and invoice you for it together with your hosting fees. 

Do you offer copywriting and editing? 

Yes, I am always happy to edit your copy for readability, if that is something you need. 

What if I don't have any decent photos? 

I have access to thousands of high quality images via Wix, Unsplash and several other image sites. 

Can you make me a logo?

Yes I can design a logo if needed. These are charged at £150. 

How long will my new website take?

It usually takes around 6 weeks to get your new website up and running, depending on how fast you can get the information to me. I will always reply quickly to any questions you have, and am happy to guide you along the way with help and advice if you are uncertain about anything in particular. 

What happens afterwards? What if I need to make changes? 

After your new website goes live, I am happy to make edits and changes. For this there is a charge of £150 per year, which I will invoice you for when your hosting comes up for renewal. Substantial changes, just as adding pages, are charged at £200.


Alternatively, if you want to take over the site yourself, I can sign it over to you and help you learn how to edit it yourself. 

If you have any other questions, just drop me an email at